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Friday, March 4, 2016

Child Bite - Negative Noise

I've lost track of the number of times that I've seen Child Bite now - I frikkin' love that band and their energetic frontman Shawn Knight is basically my own personal Jesus Christ (He certainly loves Mr Bungle enough) The band are back now with Negative Noise one of their weirdest and most powerful releases to date. With twelve tracks of the bands distinct brand of chaotic, noisy apocalyptic sound Negative Noise represents all the weirdness that has made Child Bite so great over their hard years on the road.

The simple fact of the matter is that no one out there really sounds anything like Child Bite. They have managed to cultivate a very distinct aesthetic - one that feels almost Arthur Todd Brown-esque at times. Child Bite are one of the most exciting bands in rock and roll today because they have found their own path. Everything about this band makes the casual listener curious - hell, I can barely even figure out what time signature they are in half the time! The deeper you delve the more madness you find. Child Bite aren't making any compromises on Negative Noise and it makes this album perhaps their most distinct to date.

Child Bite certainly aren't for everyone, but they never really tried to be. Instead the bands Mike Patton-y magic and weird arrangements make fans of all that is bizarre go wild. The balance between dark and light, madness and restraint and all that that entails becomes overwhelmingly powerful. Child Bite are revolutionizing metal in their own small way and the sooner you acknowledge this the quicker you will fall in love. Negative Noise can't help but to expand your mind, you just need to be ready to embrace it.

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