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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Doomsday Ceremony - Black Heart

In a cold and twisted world it's nice when you get an album that unabashedly identifies as 'metal'. Suc is the case wit Black Heart the latest from Brazilian blackened death metallers Doomsday Ceremony. A band who have managed to add in more than a handful of spicey solos with a distinct riff attack there is something strangely magical about Doomsday Ceremony. The way they accent their music with keyboard padding and the triumphant Satanism that defines their overall mystique makes Black Heart an addictive listen.

What gets me about Doomsday Ceremony is the way that they are able to fuse some rather distinct 80s vibes into a sound that oftentimes is wonderfully brutal. Even the intro track, Vultures Of War makes this abundantly clear with a Jake E Lee-esque solo coming in over some wonderfully sick blast beats. While oftentimes this blend is tasty and fun, it can unfortunately occasionally come off as a bit amateurish. While the concept is cool when the execution is just a little off I can't help but wince. As an overall listen though Doomsday Ceremony have been able to create something rather fun and poignant - reflecting on the enduring power of metal across the ages.

With tortured screams contrasting moments that wouldn't feel out of place on an Agent Steel record Doomsday Ceremony never fail to make me smile and their core ideas could take them very far indeed. Black Heart is a very promising record because it proves that Doomsday Ceremony, unlike many of their peers, have a distinctive vision. Hearing them evolve is going to be a pleasure, they clearly have the skill and the know how to take it to the next level, and as for now, Black Heart makes for a damn good listen.

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