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Friday, March 11, 2016

North - Light The Way

North have always been a band who were known for beautiful soundscapes, overarching melodies, and a ravening sense of post metal magic. Their latest offering, the majestic Light The Way sees the band at their finest with moments of dreamy bliss in direct contrast to crashing cords and atonal sacrifices to the Gods above. In other words it is rock and roll evolved - going well beyond the traditional ideas of any one genre in order to create a truly distinct and brainy sound - one that proves the supremacy of North, and the Prosthetic Records family.

There is something almost antediluvian about what what North have managed to accomplish on Light The Way. Sure there are touches of Neurosis or even Yob decorating the soundscapes, but as a whole, North have been able to refine very much their own thing. The sound in and of itself is unique, even from a production soundscape. Dana Fehr does a masterful job of capturing the sense of ethereal beauty but also the inherent ugliness of the sound. As you trudge forward and embrace the power of songs like Weight Of All Thoughts it rapidly becomes clear that North are lighting the way to a future of their own beautiful creation.

So let yourself get lost in the pulsating rhythms and monochromatic soundscapes that North revel in so dearly. The gentle grind and reassuring throb of this record will have you coming back again and again. There is something almost therapeutic about what North have done on Light The Way and it suggests, to me at least, that they are turned on to something greater. With shouted vocals resonating over a land of refined distortion and mountainous sounds North are gradually constructing a cleansing legacy.

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