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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stonewall Noise Orchestra - The Machine, The Devil & The Dope

Sometimes you just have to spend an afternoon listening to hard driving, hard grooving rock and roll for any of this rock and roll madness to make sense. That's why I spent a sizable chunk of my day jamming the hell out of the latest offering from Stonewall Noise Orchestra, The Machine, The Devil & The Dope. With Clutch derived madness these modern stoned rock and rollers are creating something droning and powerful that ebbs and flows, slowly winding its way deeper and deeper into the depths of your heart.

See - unlike many of their peers merely regurgitating pre-chewed riffs and creating something bland, repetitive, and frankly unappealing Stonewall Noise Orchestra are open about being in love with the power of rock and roll - there opening track comes right out says it. As they proudly march forward, guitars blazing and fuzzed out wail soaring on top of a crunchy rhythm section it becomes increasingly obvious that this is the kind of band who represent a way forward for rock and roll. Stonewall Noise Orchestra are taking traditional formulas and infusing them with a very real energy that is going to keep you coming back time and time again.

Stonewall Noise Orchestra have a very strong understanding of what it means to come out of the gate and play rock and roll music. So yeah, while they may adhere to a few too many modern ideas to really get me freaking out, I gotta say, The Machine, The Devil & The Dope is definitive proof that these guys can bring it and bring it on a level that many of their peers could only dream of. This is a band who are growing, and fast, watching them evolve is going to be one of the interesting rock and roll journeys of the next few years.

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