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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tombs - All Empires Fall

For a long time now Tombs have been one of my favorite black metal bands. They are forward thinking, impressively evolved, and bringing black metal of a sort none of their peers can match. With touches of synths and raw riffs poking out of a surprisingly refined black metal fabric their new EP, the powerful All Empires Fall stands for all that Tombs have been able to create over the years. It makes this record one of their most exciting to date - a clear progression on previous stuff but also a sign of what this band is destined to become.

Tombs have been evolving for years now and they have managed to cultivate something very special with All Empires Fall. Not only has the sound expanded far beyond what we heard on 2014's Savage Gold but it feels like the EP format has forced the band to communicate their ideas in a much more concise way - leading to a record that begs to be revisited. There is a lot to unpack here but All Empires Fall never feels too dense. It rages along precisely as it should, giving you moments that require reflection but also times where you can sit back and simply enjoy the lush soundscapes the band has been able to create.

This is a band who have always been weirdos and kind of outcasts who were not afraid to be wholly their own men. They have cultivated a distinct visual and sonic aesthetic that shines brighter than ever on All Empires Fall. There is a demented glory to these songs, something that shines loud and proud on a song like Deceiver. Tombs are among the evilest, and most potent bands on the scene today. This is beautifully contrasted with cleans that bring the band to a whole new level. Pulling apart what they represent is far too much fun. Perfectly bridging new and old, this is a black metal record for the ages.

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