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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eths - Ankaa

Eths have always fascinated me because of their delicate and finely executed combination of modern metal, hardcore, and weirdly beautiful experimental music. These Marseilles natives have managed to use Ankaa in order to refine something transcendent - a record that speaks to the heart and reminds us why we got into this music in the first place. This is a band who take every aspect of the sound that defines the French scene and refines it into something truly cohesive. These guys go far beyond their peers, crafting surprisingly tasteful fusions of musical concepts into a greater whole.

The fact of the matter is that Eths have the potential to be the next Gojira. Seriously - just listen to the sheer poetry in motion that is a song like Nihil Sine Causa. The lush soundscapes, monochromatic guitars, and all important contrast between the mournful female vocals and harsh growls is delicious. Toss in the electronic elements that have defined the band for so long and you start to see that Eths, by combining everything, have managed to cultivate something that stand a head and shoulders above their peers. Rather than coming across as directionless, as many bands with a diverse sound do, Eths use their diversity to their advantage in order to cultivate a world where they hold all the answers.

Ankaa is defined by a sense of perpetual forward motion and being just weird enough to work. Eths have never followed anyones rules but their own, and though they have a new lineup on this particular release they sound as comfortable as ever, guided ever forward by the sheer sonic excellence of the bands mastermind Staif. Ankaa is going to capture your imagination, time and time again, further demonstrating the sheer triumph of their sound and once more illustrating how great this band is destined to be. 

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