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Friday, May 6, 2016

ADX - Non Serviam

ADX were the original piss and vinegar French heavy metal band. More than thirty years on they remain far too much fun to listen to, ripping out vicious guitar solos and using gnarly ass vocals to rip out tracks about sacrifice, destruction, and the end of all things - all in their native French of course. (Maybe that's why they never broke out of their local scene) So yeah - this is a French metalhead's metal band and they've managed to age incredibly well, delivering some truly exciting, hard hitting heavy music.

What has historically charmed me about ADX, and which remains the case on this latest offering, Non Serviam. This is an album that is all about those who understand the fight of metal against society. While some of the vocals do suffer a bit, these guys are getting a bit older, they can't always execute as well as they did in the past. That being said, as a whole the band has been able to adapt very nicely and even subtly incorporate some more modern metal elements into their music. What I'm trying to say is that ADX, in all their deranged glory have managed to capture that eternal fifteen year old and use it as fuel for a non conformist fire.

Chock full of guitarmonies, powerful choruses, and a sense of heavy metal fire that seems destined to resonate across the ages, ADX take me back to my own youth. This was a band people worshipped back in the day and it remains a pleasure to dive into what they do. Non Serviam captures all of the magic of old school French metal and makes me want to reach back even deeper into the well of madness that the French scene had been able to create all those years ago. Nevertheless, ADX are driving towards the future - and who knows what will happen next.

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