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Friday, May 13, 2016

Candlemass - Death Thy Lover

It must be weird to be in Candlemass because the band has a huge legacy, and yet so often when they tour the states they are only playing in front of a few dozen people. And yet they beat on, creating some of the most exciting and powerful doom to ever have been heard. Now thirty years on they have created a mammoth EP that reflects all that has made the band so amazing over the years - this is their new classic ,the almighty, unstoppable force that is Death Thy Lover. Mysterious powerful, and oftentimes overwhelming, this is an album that captures all we have loved about Candlemass over the years.

Bowling out of the gate with the bands traditional swagger and a sense of pride earned over four decades of hard work Candlemass execute with every song on this record. The crushing stomp and domineering sneer of these riffs reminds us why this band has always been among the greatest. Invoking strange and fantastic images with their lyrics and using the bluesy touches in their riffs to give the music a wonderfully earthy vibe there is something poetic to Candlemass putting out some of the strongest material of their career for their thirtieth anniversary. This is a record you can get lost in. It captures every era of the bands legacy and promises so much more to come

Napalm Records have done good putting this particular record out. There is something overarching and magical about Death Thy Lover as if the band has found what makes nerds like me fall so deeply in love with heavy music and distilled it into four songs. With searing solos, crushing riffs and those soaring vocals that have held my heart prisoner for years now Candlemass prove once again that they are the kings of heavy. Death Thy Lover is going to stomp its way into your heart and mind, so prepare your body.

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