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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Drudkh/Hades Almighty - One Who Talks With The Fog / Pyre Era, Black!

Drudkh have made a name for themselves as one of themost vicious bands in the black metal underground, and yet remain willing to step back anddelve into ethereal worlds of folklore and magic. As heady as that may make them sound the bnd remain exciting to listen to and surprisingly fresh on their latest offering, a split with Hades Almighty. Hades Almighty rapidly captured my imagination as well – in large part because they represent the triumphantly satanic magic that black metal so regularly relies on. It provides a blast form the past whilst simultaneously pointing the bands blazing future.

Drudkh kick off the split with a taste of everything that makes them so great. Both of their offerings are fairly long form, which we've come to expect from the ban and the more ethereal magic found in places like the bridge of Golden Horse is glorious. It feels like with their recent spate of releases Drudkh have really evolved as musicians and this has led to some of the most exciting and punishing music we have heard from them yet. Meanwhile, Hades Almight kick off their three song contribution with a gentle acoustic intro hat rapidly evolves into blast beat driven black metal madness. The stomp found on these tracks is delicious and hints at so much more to come from these purveyors of a new breed of northern darkness.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that in a world where we are seeing great black metal splits coming out pretty much every few days no, this particular one stands a head and shoulders above the rest. Both bands represented stand a head and shoulders above their peers and are going to be able to generate much more great music in the coming years. Few splits inspire me t come back time and time again, but this one most certainly does. In a world of tired out tropes, these are bands who can take those ideas and then turn them into something far greater.

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