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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Be'Lakor - Vessels

Man - there isn't a lot of great symphonic melodic death metal out there these days - Be'Lakor seem destined to reverse that trend. The band has been pushing for years now with their folky brand of melodeath and this latest offering, the triumph that is Vessels sees the band pushing forward with their trademark grit and evolving their sound into something much greater which at times borders on transcendent. In other words - Vessels is the sound of absolution and the reminder of greater things to come.

In the frequently monochromatic world of death metal it can be extremely reassuring to be abl to dive into something that has much more easily definable melodic content. Such is the case with Vessels which uses some potent, if straightforward, progressions to guide you on into a sense of sonic absolution that few of the bands peers can match. To see how far the band has come one need look no further than Withering Strands an 11 minute epic that suggests that Be'Lakor have started to become just as much a progressive death metal band as they are a melodic one. This evolution has been a pleasure to track and hints at so many great things to come.

Be'Lakor are some of the most potent songwriters in extreme metal. However unlike many of their peers who in the modern context emphasize the importance of riffs upon riffs upon riffs Be'Lakor want you to step back and enjoy the larger whole. There are riffs here to be sure, and they help to give the album form, but what matters more is the overall statement, and it's a statement of freedom. One that will have you coming back again and again because this band have finally ascended to their throne.

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