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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Castle - Welcome To The Graveyard

Castle are one of those bands who have made a name for themselves building on Pentagrams music and creating heavy metal that seems destined to resonate across the ages. They tap into a classic sound that they infuse with modern grit in order to fuel a heavy metal fire that will burn trough the nigh and guide you on home. This whole brand of doom/psych metal is oftentimes kind of a circle jerk, so it's exciting to see a band like Castle, who are taking traditional sounds to a whole new level, not by doing anything especially new, but by being really damn good.

These guys aren't just great musicians (Hell - most of these songs seem to eschew musical chops, not flaunt them) but they are very solid songwriters. They have an excellent understanding of the classic metal aesthetic and they have managed to craft it into something truly special. Beyond that - Castle have been able to take the witchy elements of their music and rather make it kitschy like so many of their peers have cultivated it into something very fun and special. They have created an entire 'thing' a very specific sound that is wholly their own but which also belongs to the people. Welcome To The Graveyard is retro-doom at its finest.

It's easy to get lost down a rabbit hole with this record. Castle have captured all the classic elements that made us fall in love with the music in the first place an encourage us to explore - to dive in ad to ind our own path in the crowded modern doom scene. Having listened to them evolve over the last five years has been an absolute pleasure and there is something strangely reassuring about a band who stick this strongly to their original aesthetic. Sure there has been development over the years - but its the gradual process that makes it all worth it.

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