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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Grave Desecrator - Dust To Lust

Regular readers know that I love me a good "Blech" and as luck would have it, Dust To Lust, the latest from the almighty Grave Desecrator is full of them. A band who drive nails into your skull with one devastating riff at a time Dust To Lust is my kind of death metal. Sure the band doesn't break a lot of boundaries or force you to ask a lot of questions, but sometimes that's the best way for death metal to be. Revel in the bloody mutiny of Dust To Lust and drink the blood, that's why you got into the genre in the first place isn't it?

I keep coming back to this record because it so accurately defines all that I love about death metal. There is a sense of primitive evil, a crushing majesty to the guitars, and overall just a message of darkness. Dust To Lust represents everything that has made Grave Desecrator so great to me over the years. There are doomy touches, just as thee are thrash metal touches, but all of it comes under the greater umbrella that is death metal oblivion. Grave Desecrator know how to stampede forward unlike many of their peers. The blazing depravity of Dust To Lust captures the imagination and hints at darker things to come.

Perfectly balancing old and new school death metal and reminding us why this band is so often hailed as among the best in the genre Grave Desecrator revel in their chugs and the sheer ugliness of their sound. They embrace the bleak future we all share and remind us that in the end it probably doesn't matter. Dust To Lust is going to choke you out, and if you're not ready for the sonic punishment, weedly solos and devastating riffage then you might not even be a metalhead in the first place. Come on in, the blood is fine.

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