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Friday, June 10, 2016

Wayfarer - Old Souls

Wayfarer is one of those bands who I always knew would appeal to me but who I never fully had a chance to delve into. Now though I'm finding myself more in love than ever with the band and their latest release Old Souls that takes their unique brand of black metal and cultivates it into something transcendent. Old Souls is the sound of the world falling into place and your life starting to make sense. Wayfarer have seen into the void and managed to pull out a hell of a record to guide you through the night.

Old Souls is magical because it has both the blazing might of the north, but also far sunnier moods brought in. At the same time - the folks in Wayfarer are clearly pretty well versed in their Agalloch-lore and the influence of that band is found throughout the record. They don't seem to be aping anyone though, if anything Wayfarer are simply trying to build on the American black metal tradition with sounds that force you to explore yourself and carry on from there. Old Souls is magical, an album that flits from peak to peak and reminds you that there is a lot of hope left in the American scene.

Compositionally Old Souls is Wayfarers best release yet, and the ebb and flow of the record (Along with the balance of dark and light) is exciting to me, hinting at far greater things to come from these black metal masters. Still - the deeper that Wayfarer encourage you to explore their music the more you are going to have to come to terms with the fact that American black metal is set to take over from its European brethren, and it's bands like this one that are leading the charge. Old Souls is a musical triumph and proves the Denver scene could take on the world.

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