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Sunday, July 3, 2016

-(16)- - The Lifespan Of A Moth

It's increasingly rare these days, with our shortened attention spans and constant desire to try new things to find a a band releasing their seventh record. Yet such is the case with -(16)-, whose most recent offering The Lifespan Of A Moth is a potent statement, hinting at all that they have done so far and yet taking the bands general formula to a whole new level - a stunning reminder of the enduring magic that this band can have. Booty shaking and devastating, The Lifespan Of A Moth touches on a variety of emotions and forces you to embrace a darker tomorrow.

The bands trademark crunch, and their ability to add a touch of bluesy magic to the sludge is very fun and provides a fitting counterpoint to some of the more doom metal inspired moments on the record. The Lifespan Of A Moth counterbalances dark and light incredibly well here and it makes for a record you have to revisit time and time again. The Lifespan Of A Moth speaks to both the absurd comedy and horrifying blackness of the human condition with its balance of thrash and blues, doom and black metal. Yet it doesn't sound like a hodgepodge of ideas, instead it's a rather eloquently put together statement and one that bears revisiting.

The Lifespan Of A Moth is easy to get lost in. There are powerful choruses and meaningful hooks but also weirdly atmospheric parts that have you losing yourself in a wash of sound. If you are looking for an album that crunches forward and reminds us that it doesn't get better, so you might as well have a damn good time while you're at it, then this is for you. There are some sick vibes to dig here and a brutal nihilism that will guide you through the dark times. In other words - Relapse have put out another top notch record.

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