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Friday, July 1, 2016

Karnak Seti - The Distance That Made Us Cold

Karnak Seti have always impressed me, the Portuguese metal militia have a decimating sound and they've been at it, violating the innocent for fifteen years now. There is something deliciously malevolent, wonderfully evil about the boisterous and thundering tones of this band. Their balls out assault and authoritative swagger make me fall ever deeper in love and serve as a constant reminder of the magic that this kind of music can have. Fusing together melodic death metal with thrash and straight up death metal, this is what heavy music should sound like.

Their new record The Distance That Made Us Cold has a punishing sense of groove behind it. Yes, there are anthemic moments dictated by the crushing rhythm section and powerful melodic lines, but it seems to be the overall sense of forward motion that makes this record exciting. There are hooks upon hooks and it's easy to latch into any given song here. Furthermore, every track on The Distance That Made Us Cold has a pretty clear feel - it's exciting and potent listening. When a band as hard working as Karnak Seti take five years to write a record, you know it's because they are crafting something great - such is the case here.

So come and dive in with me. There is circle pitting madness, slowed down pomposity, and a death roar for the ages. Karnak Seti is a heavy metal band who understand the spirit of the genre and bleed molten steel. Capturing the magic of bands like Soilwork and In Flames but also Lamb of God and even Obituary it's easy to see this band blowing up, and fast. The Distance That Made Us Cold is the sound of a band on the verge - polished, potent, and worth spinning, time after time after time. You know you want to jump in on this.

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