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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Anciients - Voice Of The Void

Man, we really needed Anciients back. When they bust onto the scene with 2013's Heart Of Oak we were all blown away, and now they are back and better than ever. This is the sort of album that expands what metal can be ad also shows us that Anciients are hands down one of the most talented bands in metal. I feel like people don't fully realize what this band represents, they are an evolution on the genre and suggest that there is so much more to come from these visionaries. They represent the future of metal in a way few could ever dare to emulate.

I think what I love so much about Anciients is there ability to borrow from virtually any style of metal and make it a part of their triumphant whole. Anciients understand the spirit of the genre in a sort of transcendent and fundamental way. They speak to a world that many of us have forgot, they stand for something greater, something more powerful and with the potential to lead to a greater future. Voice Of The Void is a powerful and grandiose statement, a statement full of cosmic portents, killer riffs, and a sense of melody that is to die for. Voice Of The Void is a masterpiece of songwriting and reminds us there is a lot to be done, even in fairly mainstream metal.

I can't help but to get lost in this record - it has apparently infinite replay value, and every time I spin it I focus in on whole new elements. Sure it took three years to come out, but when the album is this good it doesn't matter because it proves for the umpteenth time that Anciients are one of the most exciting forces in heavy metal. Voice Of The Void is going to keep coming at you time and time again and keep you curious about one of metals hidden treasures. This band is, quite frankly, the future of metal.

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