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Monday, October 24, 2016

Civil War - The Last Full Measure

I'm not entirely sure how or why a bunch of Swedes, some of whom used to be in Sabaton decided to form a power metal band that sings about the Civil War, but what I do know is that it is utterly rad. The Last Full Measure is the sound of bold men going to war, running out triumphantly and getting shot down. This is an album that can't help but to charm, a record that is a blast to listen too and has all of the trademark bombast that has made so many fall in love with the band in the first place. This is war themed power metal at its finest.

It's easy to get into The Last Full Measure, after all, you have no end of big choruses, powerful solos and top notch arrangements. Civil War understand the underpinnings of power metal and it's exciting to watch them drive forward from song to song is delicious. The Last Full Measure is a logical step forward for Civil War but also one that shows us that there is a lot of growing left to do for the band. They have used this album as proof that they refuse to be written into a corner and instead will use potent riffs and tight rhythms to drive their way to victory. So sure it's anachronistic, but it fucking works.

The Last Full Measure has a high powered sense of fun that is going to keep you coming back. In a world where so much metal is super serious and part of a larger, darker reality Civil War just want to have a good time, raise their fists to the sky and show us that it's heavy metal or die. Power metal is like a refreshing blast to the past and a reminder that there still is hope in this crazy old universe of ours. Despite everything we can keep on keeping on and remember that no matter what, 1860's history can ring true and eternal.

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