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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hammerfall - Built To Last

Ah Hammerfall, one of my favorite bands of all time, returning to form and preparing to take on the world once again. Demanding the listener to 'bring it' even from the first song the band has clearly come back to the top of their game. Hammerfall is motherfucking Hammerfall and it is impossible to fuck with them. Built To Last proves that Hammerfall are exactly that, sure they rely on their classic Hammerfall tropes, but that's what makes me want to keep coming back, always deeper in love with a band who seem to perfectly understand what the band has always been about. Hammerfall understand the power of their genre and shove it down your throat with glee.

What I've always loved about Hammerfall is the sheer corniness of it. If you can't handle some narmy-ass lyrics then you are going to have a hard time getting through Built To Last, but if you love them as I do, then you are going to keep coming back. Hammerfall understand the inherent silliness of heavy metal and they are going to make you raise your fist and cry out their name. There are few bands who understand how goddamn fun this kind of music deserves to be. In a world where most bands try to be oppressive and massive Hammerfall just try to be what they have always been, and it rules.

So join with me, soar across the mountains and honor the 'sound of metal, the sweetest sound of all' (I told you it was corny!) I'm ridiculously excited to see this band evolving over the next few years and the heavy touring that is sure to come, even after the bits of turmoil that seem to have plagued the band over the last few years. Built To Last is truly awesome, a blast from the past and an album you are going to want to listen to again and again. Hammerfall have done it again, and I just can't stop smiling.

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