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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Answer - Solas

The Answer is not normally the type of thing I would enjoy, nor is it the type of thing that Napalm Records is generally known for signing. Their new record Solas is poppy hard rock with more than a few modern touches. Sure you have a few moments here and there of Led Zeppelin worship, but as a general rule, The Answer are a modern pop rock band, and that' fine. Their songwriting is on point,and the performances throughout are easy to fall in love with. As it happens - The Answer fucking get it.

I think what has finally drawn me into The Answer's music, five records in, is their newfound willingness to incorporate Gaelic music. The chants found on tracks like Battle Cry are strangely entrancing and suggest all that this band can be. Solas sees The Answer taking on a far more expensive and well thought out sound. This is an album that sees the band pushing the limits of their technical ability but also showing that their sound doesn't need to be limited to tired classic rock paradigms. Instead, Solas shows us that The Answer are going to be grinding this one out, one bloody step at a time.

Solas is a daring step forward from a band some feared had written themselves into a corner. now we see that while the band certainly hasn't forgotten their hard rock rots they are willing to embrace something far more grandiose, something that hints at a bold future for the music and suggests that the band is only just starting to achieve their true potential. Nothing here is utterly groundbreaking, but the execution is absolutely top notch, and that is what keeps me coming back to it, time and time again.

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