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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Resonance Cascade/Jarnbord - Hyperakusi

Ahh grindcore splits around the holidays - it's a weird sort of combination but one that I can thoroughly get behind. Resonance Cascade and Jarnbord seem to understand this burning desire that sits deep inside my soul and have come through with Hyperakusi a grind split that pushes forward with the sort of fundamental rage that has left metalheads champing at the bit for years now. These are bands who mix the old with the new, resulting in a devastating dose of grindcore gore, groping at your ears and tearing you to shreds.

Resonance Cascade is first up on Hyperakusi and their high speed, Insect Warfare inspired assault is addictive. The tracks here just rage forward, glorifying in the filth but also blazing forward at a speed unmatched by mortal man. Resonance Cascade understand the gritty glory of grindcore and the chaotic riffing that defines a song like Bricks is strangely mesmerizing. Jarnbord on the other hand feel distinctly more old school, their primitive drum tone and shouted vocals cranking forward angrily. The pissed off magic behind their side of the split represents all that the first wave of grind stood for, and it is utterly glorious.

Dipping into the sheer anger of Hyperakusi is delicious and the weird grooves that both of these bands dip into hint at far greater soundscapes. These are bands who have been shat upon by the outside world time and time again and have no other recourse than to get out and scream. Hyperakusi s a wonderfully bitter release, an album that ears forward because the guys in these bands have the same sort of rage that kicked this all off all those years ago.

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