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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Furor - Cavalries Of The Occult

Now THIS is blackened thrash metal. The Furor are a strangely charming band, a group who understand the grimy glory of the genre and who charge forward with the sort of demented and almost antediluvian bloodthirst that makes this sort of music so much fun to listen to in the first place. Their latest offering Cavalries Of The Occult is fairly stereotypical of the genre, which also means that it fucking rules. The Furor are the sort of thrashy black metal band who are going to burn for a thousand years whether you like it or not.

There is a sort of balls out, hair tearing assault to The Furor that you simply don't get with many of their peers. The tortured screams and hectic riffs never get old and adapt very well to a format of surprisingly long songs. While many of their peers might struggle to regularly pull off songs that are five minutes plus, The Furor seem to revel in longer tracks, merely cramming in more riffs but constantly pulling back to traditional ideas and reminding us how goddamn good they are. Cavalries Of The Occult has a sort of barn storming arrogance to it that you can't help but to smile through. You get the sense that you are being crushed by a stampede of riffs and the faster it goes the more I want to hear.

The satanic grooves and unholy gyrations of this music will capture your imagination and leave you with a smile on your face. The Furor push forward with a sort of animalistic joy and the sheer manic energy behind these songs makes them as terrifying as they are addictive. Sure The Furor needs to spend more time developing their tracks and maybe expanding the production, but as a pure and simple proof of concept Cavalries Of The Occult is an exciting testament to a band who could do great things.

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