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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Celestial Bodies - Spit Forth From Chaos

Celestial Bodies is the sort of black metal band who spit in the face of the genre, who invoke all sorts of incredibly demented and wonderfully fucked up sounds and force you to choke on the veritable skullfuck that is their music. Their latest offering Spit Forth From Chaos is simply terrifying. It's a record that buzzes along evilly, that conjures up demented images and that resonates with the soul in all the wrong ways. In other words it's a beautiful motherfucker of a record you'll end up being obsessed with.

There is a sense of pain communicated on Spit Forth From Chaos that few other albums in the genre really invoke. I think it's the simple dedication to having harsh noise blaring away throughout that makes it so great. As dense as this record can seem there is a certain beauty to the impenetrable waves of sound and the sheer sonic punishment presented by Celestial Bodies. It forces you to spend time picking apart a record that simply does not want to be. There is a sense of otherworldly... wrongness here. It's an album that you can never relax in because every turn involves another whistling shriek or droning blasphemy.

Few records can really invoke a sense of panic and revulsion inside the listener. Few records feel like a nightmare put down onto wax - but Celestial Bodies have created one that does. Celestial Bodies have created something that perhaps the world would better be without because the evil conjured up is simply that powerful.  There is something beautifully unclean about Spit Forth From Chaos and its demented sounds have me obsessed. I am unable to turn my ears away, enthralled with the twisted magic within.

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