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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Emptiness - Not For Music

Over the last few years Season Of Mist has gone from being primarily a metal label to one known for having cultivated one of the sickest rosters in outer sound. Emptiness is a band who have been around the block to say the least, having been around since 1998, working with folks like Twiggy Ramirez as a part of the constant push to keep finding new steps forward and sadistic evolutions on a wonderfully fucked up genre. There is something demented and addicting to what the band has done here reminding us that it doesn't need to be music to be amazing. 

The twisted soundscapes that Emptiness so eagerly traffic in on Not For Music are strangely addictive, encouraging you to dwell in the sorts of atmospheres that many of us originally thought were better left forgotten. The throb of these songs and the potency of the ambient sounds is delicious, constantly hinting at darker realities and reminding us that no matter how deep you may have delved into the world of extreme music there is always another surreal dip that you can take in the search for the absurd. Emptiness's career has been one of pushing boundaries, which makes the occasional hints at Western harmony here all the more fascinating, the only thing restraining this band is themselves. 

Emptiness is a band who are going to keep forcing you to reconsider the sounds you should let into your head. There is something gleefully otherworldly about what they've been doing and the polish and class that they have invested into the art form is at times simply overwhelming. Emptiness is not an artist for the common man but rather one who tear at the heart strings with a blend of styles that simply can not be contained. If you can't embrace that very real sorrow then it's probably too late for you.

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