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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weltesser - Crestfallen

A lot of doom these days is very pretty, some would say far too pretty. Just look at the popularity of bands like Pallbearer and Khemmis or even Yob. The gritty roots of the gene can oftentimes feel left behind a shadow of a past that not many of us care to acknowledge. Fortunately we have bands like Weltesser on the scene to put us in our place and remind the doom loving masses that at the end of the day a colossal riff and a tortured vocalist are all you really need to create some powerful sludge and doom.

There is a sense of forward momentum with Crestfallen that is utterly mindblowing at times. The crushing power of the downtuned guitars and the chaotic high notes wreaking havoc on songs like Guide stand as a testament to the devastating magic behind Crestfallen. This is a record that pummels forward, every chord punching you in the gut and leaving you to fend for yourself. Weltesser understand the sheer brutal beauty of the genre and it's hard to not want to delve back in and try to find more. There is a sort of delicious devastation behind Weltesser that leaves you begging for more, a slave to their unyielding crush.

With surprising replay value for an album this stripped down Weltesser stands as one of my favorite new bands on Prosthetic. Crestfallen is a record that speaks to an oft ignored part of the modern doom polemic and which reminds us again and again how goddamn heavy things need to be to work in this genre. They understand the chaotic and world ending power of the music and remind us time and time again why we fell in love with all that is slow, sludgy and quasi-apocalyptic in the first place.

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