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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tod Huetet Uebel - N.A.D.A

It's been raining pretty hard in New York for a few days now so it seems fitting that I'm sitting here gearing up for a thirty minute slog through the grey by listenin to some burning black metal all the way from Portugal. Tod Huetet Uebel made quite a splash since their 2015 debut Malicia. This is the sort of black metal that can't help but to charm the listener. Sure it's pretty alienating for the uninitiated, but if you have a passion for the burning madness that dives into our hearts and minds you will start to find absolution.

Caverna Abismal records has made an impressive effort over the past few years to put together some of the most potent black metal releases and it feels like N.A.D.A are one of their strongest offerings to date. It's the kind of record that remains gloriously oppressive even when they tap out and give you arppegiated blasphemies. The vocals are shrieked, demented and at times a bit too over the top. That being said, when blast beats kick in the tormented vocals truly find their spot in the mix. As the bands songs evolve you start to see that despite the potential behind the music they haven't fully realized how they want to execute.

There is a sense of sublime melancholy communicated with N.A.D.A the moments that the songs fall into almost pure and demented noise are transcendent. The sheer pain found within is at times reminiscent of truly fucked up black metal bands like Silencer or perhaps even Absurd. In a world where black metal is often sterile and made overtly pretty Tod Huetet Ueble embrace the murk. Despite this they understand the true beauty of the genre, making this a rarefied and enlightening listen.

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