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Monday, May 15, 2017

Iced Earth - Incorruptible

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Iced Earth are one of those bands who I don't spend nearly enough time listening to, but every time I jam them it's like, "Oh fuck, these guys are amazing." While the band may be a long way from their old Horror Show days, it certainly feels like Incorruptible has the band running circles around groups half their age. A helluva lot of fun and a band dedicated to the magic of their unique brand of power thrash. There is something strangely addictive about their big choruses, dynamic solos and potent riffs moshing their way into sublimity. 

While it certainly feels like Iced Earth are certainly trending towards a more mainstream metal talk, the bands inherent corniness is preserved even from the first with a Halford-esque shriek of "Valhalla!" kicking off the album. Iced Earth are not a band to be trifled with and it's easy to dive into their rich soundworlds, full of heavy metal tropes but unafraid to experiment. Particularly notable has been Stu Blocks place in the whole situation, he drives forward with a certain bloodthirsty bliss pushing his voice to exciting extremes. For a band who are 12 (!) records deep Iced Earth manage to sound remarkably fresh.

Incorruptible proves that Iced Earth are exactly that. They have played the metal scene by their own rules for years now, moving from strength to strength, and even when they hint at more mainstream elements they do it within the context of their own impressive talents and refined, grandiose songs. Iced Earth blaze forward on this release and it reminds us that there is a place in the world for working class bands who are a cut above their peers and unafraid to tour their asses off. If you can't dig that... well shit.  

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