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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Les Chants Du Hasard - S/T

You want the weirdest and most avant garde? You got the weirdest and most avant gard! At least - that seems to be the motto that I, Voidhanger abides by. Their latest upcoming offering, the self titled Les Chants Du Hasard is simply a masterpiece of forward thinking metal fusing strange classical and avant garde elements with black metal in order to refine something that is at times truly disturbing and at others strangely powerful. Their powerful orchestrations and ethereal compositions can't help but to impress, time and time again.

A one man project, Les Chants Du Hasard is careful to take you on a sonic journey. While the basic concept of the band, with sprawling arrangements, fucked up black metal vocals and the frankly impressive lack of chainsaw guitar seems relatively simple it's only when you investigate the cavernous sounds that you truly get what you're in store for. The cacophony of distorted voices haunting tracks like Chant I - Le Theatre are almost upsetting and the progress you feel through each track (Labeled Chant I-VI) feels like a march to your doom. The minor key and diminished musings of this tritone obsessed composer make your skin crawl and your brain ache, it's magical.

Les Chants Du Hasard represents a new take on black metal. While it certainly has many of the standard tropes the clear obsession with dungeon synth, weirdo demos from the 90s and pushing boundaries of what the genre can be have made this release a stunner. In a genre that often feels stuck up its own ass Les Chants Du Hasard proves that they are a band who easily go above and beyond, refining increasingly disturbing tracks that guide you on a path to destruction, caustic suffering beating in your ears and crushing your mind.

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