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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Volur - Ancestors

Prophecy Records is hands down one of the best record labels going right now, Volur, their latest offering only goes to prove that with their new record, Ancestors proving that these Toronto based artsy black metallers are pushing into bold new worlds. I think the first thing that hits you about the record is the track titles, Breaker Of Silence, Breaker Of Skulls, Breaker Of Oaths and finally, Breaker Of Famine. When you hear the sort of sacred power behind this band and the beauty they represent it becomes impossible to turn away.

There is a sort of grandiose sense of beauty to what Volur have done on Ancestors. There is a certain poetry to Ancestors that you can't help but to revel in, time and time again with this record you find yourself navigating fresh worlds of sound and uncovering strange new realities that you didn't quite realize were possible before. Volur is the sort of band who can't help but to fascinate. They have an understanding of progressive black metal that is simply entrancing. The otherworldly beauty to what they have crafted here is strange and terrifying, but also more than enough for anyone to sink their teeth into.

Volur are a band who can't help but to stun the listener. They weave musical worlds of the sort that any fan of bands like Agalloch and Isenordal will fall in love with. They have a grander and broader vision that demands spin after spin. Ancestors is an album that is immaculate in its conception, pushing boundaries and consistently driving you forward. It's a record that can't help but to stun and never becomes derivative, but rather builds on previous paradigms in order to achieve a triumphant end product.

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