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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tombs - The Grand Annihilation

Tombs are simultaneously a band who give no fucks and one who can't help but to evolve and constantly represent the cutting edge of black metal. Over the last decade this band has refused to conform to the prettiness that has defined the evolution of so many of their peers and instead has gone out of its way to tear out throats with a sound that is perfectly described by the album title, The Grand Annihilation is Tombs' most forward thinking and elegantly put together record yet, but it doesn't forget that trademark sneer. 

Disillusioned and mad at the world Tombs has never been a band to pussyfoot around the nature of the beast. I think one of the things that I really love about this new record is the groups ability to bring in disparate elements but still keep it in the monochromatic misery that has for so long defined Tombs sound. At the same time we also find some of the bands strongest and hookiest riffs to date. While Tombs will never be accessible I'd almost make the argument that The Grand Annihilation is their easiest listen yet. Still it's not without its challenging moments like I said, Tombs have always represented the cutting edge of the genre and this release is no exception from that rule. 

It's easy to get lost in this record with its swoping soundscapes and unwillingness to conform to the genres maxims. The Grand Annihilation feels like a sort of coming of age for Tombs. After years of internal turmoil the band has been able to group together its core elements to unleash one of the single most impressive black metal records of the year. Singular, iconoclastic and endlessly exciting you have to wonder what the band is going to get into next and if they can ever top this demonic utterance. 

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