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Sunday, September 24, 2017

All Pigs Must Die - Hostage Animal

I'm not going to lie - I wasn't expecting All Pigs Must Die to put out what is perhaps the death metal record of the year. I'm not saying that I wasn't an All Pigs Must Die fan before, in fact I've loved the band for years, but they have kind of dropped off my radar in recent years. So when Hostage Animal hit my eardrums like a ton of bricks I couldn't help but to feel the hair raising magic of the record running across my skin as goosebumps rapidly formed - thrilled at the incredible brutality I was suffering under.

With Hostage Animal All Pigs Must Die prove once again that they are one of the modern death metal greats. Their hardcore leanings only serve to give the music a demented hunger. The twisted assault of the band has always been prescient and it feels like we need the band now more than ever. Though they have always sat confidently ahead of the curve this record merely demolishes competition and reminds us time and time again why we all fell in love with God Is War in the first place. Make no mistake - this is a balls to the wall death metal assault and one that you're not going to easily forget.

Yet despite the riffy and gut wrenching assault of Hostage Animal one also gets the sense that this records wants the listener to get lost in it. There are a few strangely meditative tracks, tracks which use the colossal might of the riff to draw the listener in and then kick in their teeth. It's a death metal album that brings in a little something for everyone and makes us choke on the blossoming waves of sound. All Pigs Must Die have always brought it hard, but now they have entered the pantheon of all time greats.

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