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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nullingroots - Into The Grey

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Black metal is in an exciting phase right now. The genre is rapidly developing and bands like Nullingroots are exactly the reason why. A band who have released four badass full lengths since 2014(!) it feels like Nullingroots are starting to really get somewhere. While this genre is certainly crowded and unforgiving, I can also attest that Into The Grey seems to suggest that there are a lot of ways for the genre still to grow and a certain je ne sais quoi that only serves to make Nullingroots one of the more interesting offerings from the scene. 

What gets me with this band is that Nullingroots have a serious emphasis on songwriting, couching their DSBM inspired brand of black metal in a much grander context is fascinating and elevates not only the band but also their myriad influences. The driving force of these tracks is fascinating, with a sense of forward motion guiding you through the fire and the flames into a strange sort of absolution. There is a sublime sense of poetry to Into The Grey that only serves to make it more grandiose and which speaks to the majesty of the band. They bring you into their unique soundworld and give you a chance to truly revel in it.

While the band may still have a ways to go with filling out the edges of their sound there is an insane amount of potential here and these guys are as prolific as they come. Nullingroots is a band who seem to refuse to take no for an answer, who drive forward with truly exciting and passionate music and who will remind you time and time again that there is absolution. I encourage you to delve deep into their profound arrangements in order to find the selfsame peace that I have gotten out of their compositions. 

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