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Monday, November 13, 2017

Eschatos - Maere

When you open a promo labeled 'experimental black metal' you are running quite the risk. You have the chance of stumbling upon something amazing and inspiring or some kids boring project that arose from listening to too much Old Funeral. It's a gamble you have to take to find rare gems, and Eschatos is one such diamond in the rough. With beautifully arranged tracks, powerful songwriting and lush orchestrations their new EP, Maere is a mini masterpiece two tracks of truly inspiring and potent black metal that borrows from so much more.

This is a style that we all know is super easy to fuck up because there is so much going on with post black metal right now, not just in terms of songwriting but also with regards to the rapidly developing and constantly evolving scene. It's rare to find a band who manage to do something that is actually transcendent and not just playing into the same tired tropes that we find ourselves running into again and again. What really separates Maere for me I think is the impressive use of keys, it really gives the whole thing a breadth that many of the bands peers can only touch on, especially when paired with the mix of clean female vocals and crushing growls.

When it comes down to it there are certain moments with Eschatos that need to be polished up, the growls could be a bit more refined, sometimes things feel a little over the top, but a lot of that self corrects with time. There are few bands of Eschatos's caliber out there and even fewer still with their raw potential to really go somewhere special. This is a record you can really sink your teeth into and one that speaks volumes to where the scene is at today. If you want experimental black metal at its finest, something to really digest, then this is the move.

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