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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Husbandry - Bad Weeds Never Die

Brooklyn has a really interesting scene going right now with a ton of bands taking some very interesting and diverse influences to create fresh new sounds of the sort that have never really gotten traction in this world before. Bad Weeds Never Die is one of the freshest and most interesting EP's of the year, courtesy of post hardcore masters Husbandry, a band who are just starting to get their long deserved momentum. This is a group have always ground it out and Bad Weeds Never Die is a fascinating tribute to all they have accomplished. 

There is a certain masterful presence to what's happening on Bad Weeds Never Die, with this record Husbandry have taken their weird side and run it through avant-focused post hardcore in order to refine something that is simultaneously as bizarre as it is inspirational. Husbandry understand the inherent magic of this genre and their compositions are powerfully thought out and betray an artistic vision that transcends many of their peers. With surprising lush orchestrations and a few unique ideas (I especially dig the drone remix of the lead track, Elder Spencer Deery) this is an EP that can't help but to turn heads. 

What really gets me about this record though is that it has strong replay value. Whereas many EP's these days feel like the band ran out of budget or idea for their LP and the focus feels wrong, with Husbandry this EP feels like its own powerful entity. It's a record that tantalizes you with crushing heaviness, fresh ideas and fascinating fucking songwriting. Tongue in cheek, jazzy, and frequently inspirational Bad Weeds Never Die points you in the direction of a band where the sky is the only limit.

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