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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Beldam - Pasung

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has primarily made its name in the past on punishing death metal and grindcore so it feels a little strange to see them working on a doom/sludge release. that being said once you unpack the horrors contained within this three piece it becomes clear that they are on to a whole hell of a lot more than so many of the pretenders in the scene who claim to be evil. This is some truly dark shit from a band who are twisted to the point that it hurts - perhaps only comparable to Primitive Man themselves.

Yet within this the band goes for so much more, they are only a three piece, with vocals, guitars and drums, and while at times that feels a little bit thin it also contributes to the wonderfully experimental vibes that define a lot of this band. They occasionally have moments that feel straight up weird and that only serves to make the band all the more fascinating. They twist and turn in weird and unique ways - painting sonic realities of the sort that are incredibly, and perhaps even wonderfully bleak. That being said - moments like the first verse of Sunken Sorceress with its arpeggiated guitars and monochromatic vocals could definitely be more padded out, even if the fucked up twist they add to the music is delightful.

Pasung, is, in brief, a fascinating statement. It's a record that continues to astonish me as I spin it for the third and fourth time and which isn't afraid to try new and weird things in the name of getting an even more exciting and dynamic sound. I'm extremely curious to see how Beldam end up developing over the next few years because they represent so many weird and unique things about this scene and so potently embrace the inherent madness that this music has always had. It's a challenging listen at times - but certainly a rewarding one! 

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