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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mark Deutrom - The Silent Treatment (2000)

Mark Deutrom is one of those guys who has been everywhere and done everything. Perhaps best known as the classic era bassist in the classic era of The Melvins and as the co-founder of Alchemy Records he also has collaborated with Sunn O))) and is in the band Bellringer. His solo work though is exceptionally interesting, diverse, and full to the brim with all sorts of fascinating musical twists and turns that I don't think any of us really saw coming, but which, given the mans musical pedigree, can't help but to make sense. Point being - this reissue is the kind of thing you want to spend time with.

The overarching theme in this record is a desire to create weird and powerful downtempo music. While there are chaotic and faster bits interspersed the overall mood of this latest record is remarkably chilled out and relaxed. What excites me throughout the album is his willingness to experiment, not just with genres but also with sounds and electronics. There is a certain fascination that any music nerd is going to have with these tracks simply because they are a unique insight into the mind of a mastermind who can't help but to give you a lot of mind melting content to sit back and chew on.

The Silent Treatment is a strange name for a strange record, but it's a record that makes sense. This isn't a mere hodgepodge of ideas thrown together at the last minute by a guy who is used to coasting by on his name. No this is a powerful statement from an artist with a deep understanding of the alternative music world who in fact shaped a lot of this world and inspires us all to regularly drive forward and find out more about how this whole thing develops. sinking your teeth into this album is a treat, so brush up and dive in!

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