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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chaos Echoes - Mouvement

Really ferocious and fucked up atonal doom death is the sort of thing that could go in a lot of ways in 2018. There are bands that do it well with massive riffs, other bands that do it well with buzzing blasphemies and overarching senses of doom, and bands who think that a pretentious never is an excuse to put out bad music. Chaos Echoes, as far as I can tell fit into the second category, and that serves to make them not just a thrilling band, but one who you want to keep coming back too, who drive forth with twisted melodrama and grow from there.

What gets me with Mouvement is the sense of bombast that the band gleefully conjures up. But it's not the sort of bombast that happens because of twisted lyricism or operatic vocals .This comes from the demented depths of the compositions. The vocals simply act as the twisted icing on the cake, crafting some truly frightening sounds and forcing the wall of sound further down your throat. There is a blissful nihilism to the sound. They are creating elements that fell almost demonic and have that sort of antedeluvian might only found in their countrymen, with bands like Throane, Celeste or The Great Old Ones.

Mouvement is a record that ebbs and flows, which forces you to embrace stark realities and which exults in turning your former ideas of what makes an album magical on its head. With this offering, Chaos Echoes are refining something that I think not a lot of their peers could even begin to touch on. The mix of soundscapey stuff with transcendent choruses and glorious, inspiring songwriting, drenched as it is in black metal nihilism is stunning. If you can't fall in love with this, you might as well give up on the genre.

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