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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Harm's Way - Posthuman

Are Harm's Way the hardcore band who are going to break through to the metal crowd in the biggest way? It certainly feels like it. In a world where there peers, up and comers like Code Orange are gravitating towards nu metal while Full Of Hell and Nails seem content with being death metal bands, Harm's Way are holding the flag high for hardcore. Sure this may be their most metallic record yet, but it's a good bit more hardcore than most of the other bands who have broken out in the past few years and this only serves to make their latest offering Posthuman all the more emotionally and sonically powerful.

Over the top and constantly cracking your skull in I've listened to this record no less than five times since it hit my inbox a few days ago. With anthemic and powerful choruses counterbalanced with crushing riffs that wouldn't feel out of place in a Hatebreed song the band has crafted something heavier even than Nails. This is the sort of album that punishes the listener with a sonic assault that feels like your ribs are being cracked one at a fucking time. The second you think you can draw breath, maybe during a pinch harmonic, things suddenly get even heavier and you are forced to choke on it.

In terms of songwriting and production this is the best Harm's Way release by far and it suggests that great things are going to happen for this band. They have a powerful and identifiable sound that seems to only get more unique with each passing record. Despite this all they are very much playing hardcore by the rules and aren't going to be scaring off any die hards any time soon. This is the sort of band who unite scenes and with every pummeling assault remind us wht we all fell in love with this music in the first place.

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