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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Venom Prison - Animus (Deluxe Edition)

It's insane how much Venom Prison have blown up since they burst onto the scene with their first EP three short years ago. How many bands formed in 2014 already have a reissue coming out of one of their records? Not a lot - I can tell you that much. There is something incredibly thrilling, truly stunning about this group, and the deluxe edition of their stunning debut Animus is the sort of release that will appeal deeply to death metal die hards and which reminds us why this is a genre that was built around catering to longtime and truly dedicated fans.

The simple fact that this deluxe edition includes an entire disc of live tracks speaks to how they have captured the worlds imagination. Listening to them side by side with the studio record shows you how much more fierce this group can be in a live setting. The record of course is an instant classic, but for those of us in the States who have yet to have had an opportunity to see this band it's a nice surprise. The crushing assault of tracks like Corrode the Black Sun is stunning on both editions, and having the ability to directly compare and contrast really scratches an itch for my inner death metal die hard.

Chock to the brim with undeniable grooves, and of course replete with their trademark hardcore riffage, Animus shows us a band who will gleefully crack open your skull and munch on your brains. There is a twisted madness to the high powered guitars and neverending blast beats that gives Venom Prison a sense of depth that you don't often get in death metal today. In many ways this group is the ultimate example of the new wave of old school death metal and the Animus deluxe edition only serves to cement that.

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