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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Witchcryer - Cry Witch

I think that one of the issues with a lot of the retro bands out there today is that they don't really get anywhere. They have the schtick down, but to what extent does that really benefit the music? The answer is not a lot, because a lot of these bands don't want to do the work to create something truly great. This is exactly what makes the debut offering from Witchcryer, Cry Witch so good. It's an album that touches on the trad doom genre but unashamedly borrows from a variety of other genres and because of the stunning talent of the musicians involved can't help but to stun.

The first thing that will strike you about this record is the stunning power of frontwoman Suzy Bravo's voice. Her ability to conjure up potent emotions with bombast and class is stunning. There are multiple vocal performances on this record that can only be described as jaw dropping. Tracks like The Preying Kind leave you wondering, 'How is this band not bigger?' On top of that is the simple fact that this record features tight fucking songwriting. As opposed to many of their peers who dwell too much on ponderous bridges, Witchcryer only have one song that strays over the five minute mark.

The end result of Cry Witch is an album that you want to listem too again and again because it represents the sort of high powered and fun rock and roll which you can't help but to live. Rather than try to hard to craft something that ultimately could never take off, Cry Witch inspires time and time again. It shows us the path forward and gives us reason to have faith in the modern trad doom scene. Also this band has the most unexpected Black Sabbath cover/reinterpretation ever. If you can't love a band who can cover Embryo you might just be broken.

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