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Friday, February 2, 2018

Ilsa - Corpse Fortress

Ilsa have long been one of the most potent bands on the diverse and exciting mid-Atlantic underground scene. There unique brand of depraved, hardcore inspired doom metal is stunning. When they come out with their crushing bottom end assault you feel like you're witnessing orcs march out of Mordor. When you explore the darkest sides of their sound the inherent madness of what they have refined here leaks out. this isn't a record for the faint hearted, but it is one that the sort of people who'd listen to an album named Corpse Fortress would love.

There is a potent sonic assault to be had within tracks like Cosmos Antinomos, they paint a demented picture of what the bands native Baltimore has sunk too in 2018. These are the same sorts of twisted rejections of society that made Primitive Man's most recent offering so thrilling. They are couched in the same undeniable heaviness and they grow out of the sheer madness of the hardcore scene. Yet this is darker than any hardcore band could be, pushes further and darker than many of the bands peers, and beyond anything the group has done before. This is twisted American doom metal at its finest ,tearing out throats and forcing you to choke on the bitter pill of unreality.

In a way it's almost scary to really sink your teeth into what Corpse Fortress unveils. Ilsa have always been a band full of potential, but it really feels like this record is the one that drives them into the darkest corners and away from the light. It's this record that puts the fear of god in you and which reminds us that there is a darkness that we can't match. Getting lost in this record is a truly terrifying experience, and also an incredibly addictive one. I sincerely hope that Corpse Fortress, the bands Relapse debut, is what really puts them on the map.

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