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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bong - Thought And Existence

The ultimate heavyweights are back. The kings of doom, the masters of sludge, the ultimate tokers of the sacred blunt, Bong have unleashed yet another glorious behemoth. Their upcoming offering Thought And Existence may be a mere two tracks, but it's forty six and a half minutes of some of the most perfect and artsy doom metal to have crashed across my eardrums in the last decade. Bong perfectly understand the genres modern aesthetic and fuse it with everything that made trad doom great for an album that can't help but to stun. 

I think the beauty of Bong, to me at least, is their willingness to go all the way. Every time you think they might have taken an idea too far or perhaps driven a concept past usability they go even further and that's what makes this record great. The cavernous noise of this records prolonged intro is in many ways terrifying, but that's why I love it. Thought And Existence demands patience from the listener, but if you let yourself sink in to all that it has to offer then you are going to be forced to fall in love. Bong, unlike any other band, have the patience and perseverance to make an album that you can't help but be mesmerized by. 

Reverberating across the marrow of the spirit, Thought And Existence is a treat to pick apart. There are so many layers, even within the perceived simplicity of the band. The ominous groundswells and mystical ebbs and flows gives this album an incredibly natural feel and feeds into the legacy of wonderfully brainy and frequently obfusticating nature of the band. Yet this is why we love it. Doom metal is about forcing you to look at things in new and exciting ways, and Bong straight up force you to do that. 

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