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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Casket Feeder - Scalps

Man - this was not a record I expected to blow me away this hard. See, frequently when I review EP's it's because I'm sick or too busy to invest time in a full album. But every once in a while something finds its way into my inbox that is so wonderfully sick and twisted that I can't help but to fall in love, no matter how rough of a day I might be having. Such is the case with Scalps a record that simultaneously reflects the punkiest and most hard hitting sides of death metal and counterbalances them with the sonic poetry of the modern scene.

There is a palpable sense of groove throughout this record that serves to make Scalps incredibly thrilling. Beyond that, Casket Feeder stuns with their sheer songwriting sensibility. The crushing assault on a song like The Supremacy Of Idiocracy suggests that these guys could be the best punk infused death metal band since Noisem. Of course, they bring so much more to the table, their unique understanding of Swedish death metal and UK hardcore makes for an album that is going to drive you through the roof. Bloodthirsty and buckets of fun, extreme music fans will love the hooks, riffs and teeth shattering assault of this album.

There is an exciting new tradition of UK death metal bands with acts like Venom Prison and Ingested setting the bar ever higher for these bands. It's hard not to fall in love with the thrilling and over the top assault these bands bring to the table. The hectic solo on EP closer Replicant is a great example of this. The band brings so much beautiful raw energy to the table with every track here it's hard not to be impressed and to find yourself begging for more. This record is insanity, and I'm stoked to see what happens with the followup to Scalps!

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