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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Green Druid - Ashen Blood

Eerie, transcendent and brought to you by the folks who discovered Sleep, Earache Records, Green Druid is the sort of doom metal that conjures up grandiose images in the minds eye and remind us why we love the genre. Though they frequently play into genre tropes the execution is on point, and the band is prolific enough to come at us with nearly 80 minutes of music. It means that Ashen Blood is a sort of tour de force, showing off all sides of the band and hinting at so much more to come from these Denver doomsters. 

The breadth and vision of the ideas here is incredible. It takes a lot to wrap your head around this release and requires a lot of the listener. That being said - the music isn't overly dense, the ideas are given space to breathe and that serves to make the entire experience a lot less intimidating. You feel yourself being taken on a sort of ethereal vision quest. Ashen Blood is a challenging piece of music to wrap your head around at times, it ebbs and flows, and I wonder if the listener might be better served having it as two separate releases. Any way you slice it, there is just so much to sink your teeth into. Regardless, it makes for a listening experience that will continually fascinate. 

On their Facebook page the band describes themselves as brooding and isolationist and I honestly couldn't think of better terms for what is happening here. Ashen Blood is a voyage into a darker spirit world, one which not a lot of us are going to be totally comfortable, but that's part of the magic. Embracing sounds that are massive in scale and forcing you to revel in riff after riff, these weed olympians are going to turn it up until you can't take the sheer volume any longer. Mysterious and ever growing, this is what doom metal is all about. 

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