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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Aeviterne - Sireless

New York City has always been home to some of the worlds greatest metal bands and Aeviterne is one of the latest to join the ranks of hopefuls who call this place home. Featuring former members of Tombs, Flourishing and Castevet as well as a current member of Artificial Brain, this is the sort of terrifying and brainy death metal that forces us to look at ourselves and embrace the wonderfully fucked up dismal realities of this world.Recorded with the quasi-legendary Colin Marston this is the sort of sonic punishment nerds like me can't help but love.

There is a depth to their debut EP Sireless that many of the bands peers in the avant death metal scene lack. It's easy to have a drummer who uses some noise effects in order to try and sound crazy or weird. What's exceedingly difficult is to create something that isn't just pure auditory punishment but also ethereal and strange. There are a lot of layers here that I think a lot of people are going to struggle with simply because it is so different. At times the band is reminiscent of Ulcerate with their punishing technicality but also stunning experimental flourishes. Of course it's also easy to identify the sounds of Morbid Angel, Killing Joke and even Godflesh impacting the band.

This is a weird record and a record that definitely challenges any listener trying to grow in this music. It's not easy listening, but that's not the fucking point. The fucking point, as it where is to craft something that isn't just memorable but also which shifts your view of what death metal can be. Sireless is a potent listen chock to the brim of the weird twists and turns that made this genre so exciting in the first place. In a world where death metal has become almost convetional, Sireless turns the genre on its head.

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