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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baby Bones - The Curse Of The Crystal Teeth

Man, the fact that this band is called Baby Bones and that their debut record is called The Curse Of The Crystal Teeth says a lot in and of itself. This is a band who apparently odn't give a fuck, but whose weird and oftentimes gleefully bizarre brand of rock and roll reeks of everything from The Minutemen to The Cramps by way of KISS and Queens Of The Stone Age. This is definitely a weird listen, but it's one that you're going to find yourself reveling in the murk of and wondering why you didn't check it out earlier.

The Fugazi-esque stomp of this band, perhaps most evident on tracks like Pay Us In Dimes speaks to the way that Baby Bones are willing to strut the madness behind their sound. While this record certainly isn't dense, it's also going to take a few listens to properly understand, if only because I'm not sure humans were meant to enjoy stuff like this in the first place. That's a part of the appeal though, digging through the waves of sonic blasphemy has never been more fun. At times ethereal and oftentimes drowning in an ocean of distortion, The Curse Of The Crystal Teeth can't help but to fascinate.

Baby Bones are playing on old tropes to be sure, but that's part of the fun. The way that they balance their own strange hipstery madness with acid rock underpinnings is a delight to listen too unfold. The understated riffing counterbalances borderline shouted vocals on songs like We're Done Talking, but then the band turns around and embraces their own quiet punk rock dignity. Baby Bones is a fascinating effort and one that you're not going to soon forget. Turn up the volume and light a jay, this is gonna be a trip.

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