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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ghostbound - All Is Phantom

Y'know, strange as it might sound, 2018 hasn't really been a good year for brainy and artsy metal, especially not the kind that leans heavily on clean vocals. Ghostbound is a project hat seeks to free us of that paradigm though. This is the sort of dark metal poetry that can't help but to fascinate nerds like me. Having grown out of a high school solo project and over the last half decade evolved into something truly special there is a lot more to the magic of All Is Phantom than initially meets the eye.

The sonic poetry of this record is potent. It's an album that is very aware of how over the top it can be. The cinematic vibes tinged with black metal and post punk remind me of everyone from Talk Talk to Agalloch. There is a breadth to the compositions here that is only accented by Alec Head's massive voice. There is a sense of mystery and majesty to this album that can't help but to draw you in. The journey that you take on this record is epic and it speaks to the power of Ghostbound as songwriters. this is a project that you can sit back and close your eyes listening too, excitedly leaping from peak to peak. It's the sort of triumph that is rarely ignored.

These arrangements are simply vast in scale and you are going to find yourself routinely getting swept up in them. The choruses are big, the strings are poetic and the guitars fierce. The bands ability to bridge a variety of genres and create something that purely resonates as them is thrilling. The odyssey that you take from start to finish here is interesting and though the record bleeds just over an hour long every minute is worth it. This is the sort of thoughtful and visionary offering that made me fall in love with this kind of music in the first place.

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