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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Khemmis - Desolation

Man - this one feels iconic. Khemmis have been on a veritable tear for the past few years and now they are gearing up to drop their most potent offering to date, Desolation. Thing is - this isn't just a masterpiece of doom - it's like this bands version of Pallbearer's Heartless. this record represents the moment Khemmis have shifted from playing doom metal to something much more exciting. What Desolation offers is a unique brand of doom laden rock and roll and I fucking love every single  minute of it.

In many ways this transition makes sense given the bands obsession with King Diamond and Thin Lizzy. In fact - I would go so far as to say that this record might have the best guitar harmonies of 2018. Yet it's not just about harmonies and shredding. There is a breadth to the songs here that puts them far outside of anything in the traditional rock sphere. Instead this is the sort of a coming of age for the band. Shifting out of a relatively narrow scene and instead proving that they are so much greater. It proves that they have the potential to be one of the defining rock bands of the decade and things are only going to expand from there.

Desolation represents so many glorious things, from the rise of thoughtful guitar driven music to the sheer power of songwriting. Toss in some top notch musicianship, great harmonies and something that is almost always transcendent and you start to realize that Khemmis aren't just another doom band who are hip in the scene. This is the sort of group who could be opening for Metallica and slaying every minute of it before the end of the year. Get on board or get lost in the dust.

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