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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Maggot Casket - S/T

When you have a band named Maggot Casket you know what you are going to get. the bands twisted eponymous debut is just as horror obsessed and gory as you want it to be. The bands allegiance to dungeon basement production tempered with insane and over the top riffage makes for a truly enjoyable listen. Sure this might be hard for newbies to the genre to get into, but for those of us who have sold our souls and revel in the violence, Maggot Casket deliver the goods and they deliver them well.

There is a forward crunch to Maggot Casket that makes it an undeniable album. The off kilter tilt and the painful assault of these songs is almost eerie. The bands use of horror film samples and weird, almost unsettling melodies only goes to show how good these guys are. In a world where only the visceral matters Maggot Casket are some of the weirdest going. They fuse some truly alien elements with simple balls out death metal to make for a record that grabs you by the throat and revels in making you choke on the bitter pill of existence. Sure no new ground is broken, but Maggot Casket sure do the classic stuff well.

This is a band who are clearly willing to push at the boundaries of the genre to create something a little eyebrow raising. While none of it will blow your mind they certainly have found a distinct niche for them to revel in. This is the sort of monolithic assault that you expect from a death metal record. Crunching forward angrily and constantly hinting at greatness listening to Maggot Casket is a truly interesting experience. Drunk on their own bloodlust, I can see gore metal devotees the world over being charmed.

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