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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Del Judas - Deity

Bizarre, ethereal, Lynchian, these are all words that can be used to describe the latest from Del Judas. Often shifting into weird ambient explorations and counterbalancing it with a sort of Current 93-esque sense of looming dread there is something sort of horrific about what Del Judas have crafted here. This is a record that explores brave new earths and hints at dark futures. There is something almost painfully real about Deity. Suffice to say, the latest project from Charlie Schmid of Tombs and Vaura fame is fascinating.

With lyrics full of unique imagery and hints at spaghetti western-esque realities reminiscent of Johnny Cash by way of John Wayne, Deity can't help but to provoke your interest. There is a breadth to the soundscapes here, especially prevalent on tracks like The Desert Speaks that really draws you into the music. The wealth of sounds that are used here in conjunction with the sheer potency of the songwriting is palatable. The way that Del Judas weaves stories though is what really keeps my eyes wider than dinner plates. You hear these very human narratives playing out that reflect the inner struggle of being. The chilled out vibes that define much of this record are only a facade for so much more.

This is the sort of album that you can really get lost in. There are strange twists and turns but through it all Del Judas paints a sort of frail and dangerous reality. When you put this record on you take a journey through magic realism and diverse ideas. This is not an album for the faint of heart but rather one that sees the influence of Nick Cave running into the vision of Hank Williams making for some compelling and weird fucking times. Dig in and you will find a strange wealth of beauty at your fingertips.

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