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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Arabrot - Who Do You Love

This is one of the most interesting albums I have heard all year. That seems like sort of an appropriate opening point for a review of a record that seems to so perfectly understand the burning heart of the avant rock underground but also eagerly pushes beyond in exciting new ways.The driving salvos, the potent rises and falls of energy and the overall punishing sense of sonic oblivion is delicious. This is a band who fascinate the listener and seem excited to keep pushing and exploring exciting new ideas no matter what the consequences.

It's been a long time since I've heard a record that was so elegantly composed. It has the sort of powerful sense of sonic poetry that has defined a lot of my favorite art rock but also brings in its own elements. The band leader Kjetil Nernes is a fascinating individual to say the least, living in an old church with his wife singer Karin Park and their children. It's a weird and crazy thing that speaks to so perfectly to what this band is. They have that breadth to their sound, that otherworldly majesty and a sense that there are blossoming and beautiful places for this music to continue to grow and propagate.

The offkilter stomp of Who Do You Love is accentuated by the presence of the talented duo Insect Ark. The band seem to tap into these distinctly human aspects of our being and that makes them a delight to take off on musical journeys with. The wondrous intensity of a track like The Dome is a testament to a band who are at the height of their abilities and seemingly fully capable of getting better with every record. Chunky, punchy and over the fucking top this is a weird listen to be sure but one that fans of art rock will be enamored with.

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